1. One of the more therapeutic aspects of being a #guitarist: redoing your #pedalboard.

  2. Little Italy, NYC

  3. Texting - NYC

  4. Mannequins - NYC

  5. Walking the dog - NYC

  6. Do Not Cross - NYC

  7. Times Square Selfie, NYC

  8. chrismoret:

    untitled on Flickr.

    Street photography. :D


  9. The Decisive Moment… of Life


    One of my favorite things about photography is also one of my most favorite things about life. I’m talking about the “decisive moment.” I’m talking about the decisive moments found frozen in time through photography and the decisive moments from my life frozen only in memory.

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    Am I even allowed to reblog from my own blog? I haven’t been on Tumblr in forever… Is this even a thing? Well it is now, if it isn’t. I was just going through some old posts and I read one of my rare posts with words on it. And as I was reading it, it felt as if someone else had written it. 

  11. Brooklyn Bridge